Stopping unauthorized Quicken log in to my bank account.

I don't use Quicken Mobile. I don't use Quicken Web/Online (whatever that is). I do not leave my computer on running. I just use Quicken on my desktop and download transaction and do my financials from that.

So my wife came to me the other day and asked me if I logged in while we were out having dinner. Looking at the IP address the bank sent her the IP address was from Quicken and I did not authorize the log in. So I am trying to figure out how to stop Quicken from logging into my bank account when I am not using the program.

So for security we changed the bank account login information. I put it into Quicken and again few days later Quicken logged in again, with out authorization. The only time Quicken is authorized is when I am using the program, if I am not using it any login is out of bounds.

How do I stop the unauthorized login short of developing my own financial program?

Thank you.


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    You may not use QMobile or Q-Web, but I bet you have some accounts setup for Express Web Connect (EWC).
    EWC collects data from your FI account for for aggregation and later download to your computer.
    It is not unauthorized, you agreed to it.
    See this article on the different download methods:
    Look on the Account List (Tools->Account List) for download methods used.

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