Why is Quicken so slow!

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With regards to Quicken slowing down, bulging on your screen, and taking a very long time to respond with investment register activities, I believe that I have an answer.

My Quicken log file located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Quicken\Log has become so filled up with entries, that notepad is unable to open this file for me. It seems that for better part of 2020, I have had issues with WebConnect that has filled up this file to thousands and thousands of pages, to the point that I do not have enough physical memory to open this file in a timely fashion.

Solution: Delete this log file! Then Quicken won't be taking so long to write to this file, which is taking longer and drastically longer for Quicken to access.

Another issue: WebConnect... Another time for that. But please forget all that trouble shooting with your Quicken data file, just delete this stupid log file!!!!


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    Thank you gwasserm. Any progress on one step update timing improving for you?
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