Occasionally One or More Reminders Disappear

I have experienced times when a Reminder just disappears. I have ignored in the past as some reminders were old and they were being linked to new online billers. So they got recreated and we moved on. However, in the last month, a reminder for Mutual of Omaha (AP) disappeared and could not be found. It was discovered in reviewing transactions in our bank account that did not exist in the corresponding Quicken register. This monthly reminder was not associated with an online biller - the (AP) indicates to me that this is an AutoPay by the Biller and does not have an online Biller and neither Check Pay or Quick Pay will be used. It has been recreated for the future but what causes a reminder to disappear without errors or warning.


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    Hello @Kerry Lawson

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. When we're experiencing some issues like these the first thing we want to do is check on our file.

    The article here goes over troubleshooting steps that we can attempt on the file to see if we're able to clean up the issues. The biggest one will be step 4 with the copy and validate. I would continue from

    Could you try this out and let us know if any pops up on the data log after completing the step. Also if you've attempted any other troubleshooting as well let us know!


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    Thank you for the reply. I did do a Validate & Repair on 6/10/2020 for another problem. There are 2 messages that Quicken removed 2 damaged reminders but I have no idea which ones or why they were damaged. The Reminder in question was just created in January of this year. At this point, guess I'll just have to monitor for future occurrences.
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    @Kerry Lawson

    Definitely let us know if you do see anything within the next week or two. If you do we'll see what our next best troubleshooting step is!

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