Problem when using Quicken with Windows 10, version 2004

This has happened to me, since version 2004 arrived: Randomly, when running Quicken I am prompted to enter my Quicken account password. Not my data file password, but my account password! Has anyone else had the same problem?


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    Hello @ John M Andersen

    Thank you for posting in the Community, though I’m sorry that you are running into this issue with the sign in request. Quicken 2004 is a discontinued version and as such, there is always a chance that there will be issues with the software functionality. I’d like to ask, when being prompted for your Quicken password, are you entering it and are you able to sign in and access your Quicken Data File?

    Try these steps to clear the password request: hold CTRL on your keyboard and from the top left menus, select FILE > FILE OPERATIONS > VALIDATE AND REPAIR. In the pop up that appears, the first option on the left should be VALIDATE FILE/ AUTHENTICATION BLOCK WILL BE FIXED.

    I am not able to verify that it will appear exactly in this way as I do not have the tools for the discontinued product, but if these steps bring the expected results, this may remove the sign in prompt that you are seeing.

    Thank you

    - Quicken Diana

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    Believe the OP is referring to Windows 10 update 2004.
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  • John M Andersen
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    Yes, I am referring to Win 10 update 2004. My current Quicken version is R25.20
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