Bill Manager & Capital One Credit Cards

Has anyone had any success setting up an Online Bill for any of their Capital One credit cards? This would include the Walmart Master Card & the GM Card. I've already talked with support but they pointed me to a support article that basically indicates not to try for now and there is a problem at Capital One's end. I could not find any discussion on this so I thought maybe I didn't talk with the right person.

Thanks in advance


  • urty24
    urty24 Member
    I haven't had any luck. As far as I know this is the only response from Quicken.

    It's pretty frustrating. CapialOne bills have been broken for over a year now and it doesn't look like Quicken/CapOne have any plans to get it working again anytime soon.
  • rhardy42462
    rhardy42462 Member
    I've been trying for several months to setup up Online Bill for Capital One credit cards with no success. Quicken Support also told me that there's a problem on Capital One's end and its being worked, but its still failing today after months of periodic retries.
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