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Need Current Total Amount Option for Credit Card Payment Scheduled Transactions (Q Mac)

The Bills and Income graph is a very helpful planning tool for those of us who have added accurate reminders for our recurring transactions, but it's still missing a feature for credit cards: the effect of paying off each credit card in full on the cash available in the main account (typically checking). I use my average statement balance for the last twelve months as the scheduled transaction amount as a workaround, but that is not as accurate as a live balance.

I see the greatest value of Quicken as a tool to measure and plan spending and control debts. I don't think Quicken users are necessarily typical of the general population (likely a bit better educated and older), but controlling credit card balances is, I think, one of the most widespread financial challenges, and this feature would be helpful to many people. A nice enhancement would be to have the amount be the total balance, up to a user-set cap, so that people could plan paying off their credit cards.

I have some memory of a similar feature having been available in past versions.
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