Account Bar credit card balance is $2.7 billion off from register



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  • Today after downloading the Quicken update, the First USA dormant credit card went from a correct Account Bar balance to $2.748 Billion. The Chase card does not have this wild discrepancy.

    I closed and restarted Quicken and the above behavior persisted.

    I am at a loss as to how data corruption would cause the First USA card balance to be accurate for a week, with multiple file close and restarts, and then following a software update report a $2.7 Billion difference.
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    Second Quicken update/patch installed, second account now showing difference between Account Bar and Register.

    Since the August 14th update from Quicken, only the First USA dormant card had an outrageous balance difference between the Account Bar and the register. Today, I installed the next Quicken update/patch. When I launched Quicken, the Chase card that had issues previously (but had been behaving) showed a $2.7 Billion balance in the Account Bar (despite a $90 balance in register). After one-step-update, the Account Bar balance reduced to $944 Million.

    When I closed Quicken and restarted, the Chase card was back to $2.7 Billion.

    While I appreciate I may be out in the woods alone, it seems awfully suspicious that with two Quicken patches, and two separate Account Bar balances going funky, that there is a code problem.

    Keep in mind, the only error is with the Account Bar. The registers, reports, and all other features of Quicken seem to be working properly.

    [removed - inaccurate]
  • Today, following one-step-update, the Chase Account Bar balance reduced to $944 Million.

    After closing and restarting Quicken, the Chase Account Bar balance returned to $2.7 Billion.

    Sure does seem funny that this behavior: one-step lowers Account Bar balance to 1/3, and closing and restarting file returns balance to $2.7 Billion, can be reproduced at will.

    Today, August 28, the Chase Credit card's balance equaled the register balance, following the Quicken code update install, the First USA card's balance also equaled the register balance.

    When I did OSU this AM, my Chase cards would not connect with Chase and received the OL-294-A error. Regardless, once OSU finished, the Chase card with the $944 Million Account Bar balance was now $90, same as the register.

    I closed Quicken, which has in the past caused the $2.7 Billion Account Bar balance to return, and the Account Bar remained correct.

    I downloaded and ran the Quicken update. Following this update the First USA card balance in the Account Bar and the register was also the same (it had been $2.7 Billion apart).

    I will obviously keep posting if anything changes back, but, if the balance remain correct I have to be very concerned about Quicken's standing advice that the User's data file is the issue...........
  • August 29th: The Chase Card has returned to inconsistent balances between the Account Bar and the Register. Following OSU the Chase Card had a $944 Million Account Bar balance while the First USA card remained correct to register.

    This time the Chase download did not error and I suspect that is where the problem lies, the Chase to Quicken connection.

    Closing Quicken and relaunching returned the normal behavior of a $2.7 Billion Account Bar balance but this time only in the Chase Card. The OSU, despite there being no new transactions to download, returned the Account Bar balance to $944 Million.
  • August 29 - 2nd update:
    Because I have nothing better to do and just love getting frustrated by software, I closed and relaunched Quicken again. Not surprisingly the Chase Card Account Bar balance returned to $2.7 Billion.

    Then I ran OSU, and received the OL-294-A error with Chase. You will be shocked to learn that yet again, the Account Bar balance then returned to the $90 register balance. So, I decided the short term answer may be to unlink the account from Chase and see what happens.

    Lo and behold, the OL-294-A error went away with the OSU and the Account Bar balance remained equal to the register.

    So other than having to manually enter the limited usage for this Chase Card, my data file and functionality seems to be restored and my $2.7 Billion, or $944 Million, discrepancy between the Account Bar and register is no more.

    Of course the million dollar question is how and why did Quicken ever develop such a discrepancy and why did OSU change the discrepancy.
  • August 30: Today both of my Chase online id's are returning OL-294-A. Despite restarting Quicken and multiple attempts, the error continues. I can log into Chase via the browser so it does appear to be a Quicken problem.
  • August 30 - second update: Just now when I tried "error recovery" in OSU of Chase accounts the second id (the one without the weird Account Bar discrepancy) did update without an error while the other id continues to error.
  • August 31: Its back!!!!

    Downloaded Quicken update (I have got to stop doing this) and the First USA credit card again shows the $2.7 Billion Account Bar balance. So like an idiot I decided to relink the Chase Credit Card to see if it would also revert back to the $2.7 Billion. It did, and when I OSU it goes back to $944 Million. When I close and restart Quicken it goes back to $2.7 Billion, and repeat.

    Please remember that all functionality remains in the actual registers and there are no problems with reports or any functionality other than the Account Bar.
  • September 1: I can make the Account bar balance and register be equal at will, just won't stay.

    So yesterday I had delinked the Chase card. Today I opened Quicken and had the $2.7 Billion Account Bar balance in the First USA and Chase Card. I ran OSU and everything stayed the same. Then I relinked the Chase card.

    After the link was established. The Account Bar and register EQUALED.

    When I run OSU again, I get $944 Million Account Bar balance. When I close and restart Quicken, I return to $2.7 Billion. I have done this twice.

    Unfortunately, I can't relink the First USA card as the account is closed.

    Come on Quicken, even you can't still think this is a data corruption issue.......
  • September 2: Behavior continues. As long as Quicken is not closed and restarted, and the Chase credit card account not linked to Chase, the Account Bar balance remains equal to the register.

    If Quicken is restarted, the Account Bar balance becomes $2.7 Billion, regardless of Chase linkage.

    If the Chase credit card is then linked to Chase, the Account Bar balance becomes $944 Million.

    If the Chase linkage is severed and then relinked, the Account Bar balance becomes $90 (the same as register).

    Maybe to get Quicken's attention I need to get a day number counter gif.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Damaged data record.
    Damaged data record.
    Damaged data record.
    Sad to say, but "damaged data record" means "permanently and irreparably damaged." There is no fix. Your only recourse is to create a new data file. Don't shoot the messenger.
    You are beating your head against a wall. There is no salvation for your permanently and irreparably damaged data file. You are spending a lot of time and effort on this, which might be better spent starting a new file and re-creating your data.
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  • I am not beating my head against the wall. I'm not sure where you get the certainty that there is a damaged data record. It isn't from any report or utility provided by Quicken. Nor is it something that can be visually observed.

    The fact that I can operate my file just fine, with all functionality and reporting, by just not allowing the Chase online update strongly suggests to me that the Quicken program has a data calculation inconsistency.

    You have to keep in mind that the only symptom is that the Account Bar balance is different than the register, and only after using OSU. Even then, the difference varies between the launch of the program and the completion of the OSU, albeit at a remarkably consistent value.

    That behavior suggests a summing algorithm inconsistency, not data corruption.

    If your only value is postulating without any evidence: the file is corrupt, you are not adding to the discussion.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    You reported seeing "damaged data record". On the troubleshooting page, it saysDon't get hung up on the wording of "record" vs. "block". This will be my final response to this thread. Good luck.
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  • Frankx
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    Hi again Craig,

    This likely won't really help, but I did a more thorough search and found this post, which seems to be describing the same problem you have


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  • Hi Frankx,

    For some reason I get an error when I follow your above link that says "You don't have permission to access". I am interested to see what you found and if they had any outcome.

    Mr. Squirrel,

    I reported no such damaged data block. In fact all the data validations have resulted in Quicken claiming all was fine. What you are referring to is a register entry that was observed by me in a copy of the file following mass register entry transfers which were instructed to be performed with Quicken staff present.

    We deleted this file because the mass entry transfers resulted in the Investment account entries having no correlation to reality (please reread the history of this problem). This bizarre entry is not present in my working file.

    If Quicken's validation routines were reporting a data issue I would agree with your assessment, since they are not, and there is no evidence of file corruption as all features are working with the exception of the Account Bar balance, I have to believe there is a problem with Quicken Code.

    While you may choose to not participate, I think it would be more helpful to participate constructively.
  • Frankx
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    Hi again Craig,

    That was an archived post from May 2018 (which you may not be able to access). Here's the OP's post:

    "Wrong balance in account bar. Ever since I downloaded the last big update for Quicken 2018 I've been having issues with the account balance in the account bar for my main checking account. Originally there were transactions missing in the account as well as others but I found all of them and fixed them. There was an entry that kept showing up without a date in an old closed account that was causing problems but it seems that's been fixed. Now my account balance is showing an extremely large loss, over $102 billion negative. I wish that was a missing transaction but sorry, I'm not in that income category. My account register balances with the online amount, it's just not matching what is in the account bar. Please help!"

    The problem apparently went away by itself and there were no explanations or fixes noted.  The OP is no longer identifiable (i.e. user name is "unknown" so we can't do a follow-up).


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  • Thanks Frankx, that does sound very similar.

    Today I re-validated that my symptoms remain constant - just to reiterate:
    1) Account Bar balance in Chase Card is $90, same as register. First USA card Account Bar balance is $2.7 Billion and register is $119. Chase and First USA are not connected to online access.
    2) Close and restart Quicken
    3) Chase and First USA Account Bar balances are $2.7 Billion.
    4) Set up online access to Chase (First USA account is closed so no online access available)
    5) Chase Account Bar balance is now $90, same as register, First USA Account Bar balance is still $2.7 Billion
    6) Deactivate Chase online connection
    7) Run OSU, Chase Account Bar balance remains $90.
    8) Till next time ......
  • Since we now know of at least two complaints of a similar nature, what's the old adage: for every 1 complaint you have XXX affected users who haven't or won't complain?
  • Frankx
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    Hi again Craig,

    This is a long shot, but I don't think we discussed it before so it may be worth a try.

    In the account bar - right click on the problem credit card account and then:

    a) deselect "Show savings goal transactions in register and reports, and
    b) select "Show ending balance in account bar"

    Let me know what, if anything, happens.


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  • OMG, Frankx you are a breath of fresh air.

    I was just getting to post about how the 9/11 software update had restored the original behavior of alternating between $2.7 Billion and $944 Million and had removed the ability to get the correct Account Bar balance on the Chase account, when I saw the above post I went and tried.

    I don't have savings goals so that option did not appear, but, I did select ending balance in account bar for just the Chase account. Lo and behold both misbehaved Account Bar balances then went to the correct register balances. I closed and restarted and both accounts remained with the correct balances.

    I will keep my fingers crossed and post if any interesting facets foster.

    Thank you Frankx!

    I am glad you didn't give up on me as so many others had.
  • Frankx
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    Hi again @Frustrated Long Term Customer,

    Well, that is good news!  I will keep my fingers AND toes crossed.  Please let us know whether this potential fix works out over the next few days.

    BTW - I too am glad that I didn't give up and will be extremely happy if this "fix" holds...


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  • September 12 - First full day update since Frankx's suggestion

    Closed and restarted Quicken.
    Ran OSU.
    All Account Bar and Register Balances equal.

    It is a little disorienting to see the ending balance versus current as several of my accounts have transactions well into future, but, compared to a $2.7 Billion credit card balance its small potatoes.
  • Sept 13 - Second day update

    Ran OSU.
    Closed and restarted.
    Both Card Accounts reflected equal Account Bar and Register balances.
    Changed Account Bar selection to show current balances instead of ending.
    Chase Card had Account Bar balance of $944 Million
    First USA Card had Account Bar balance of $2.7 Billion
    Changed selection back to ending balances.
    Both Cards reflected equal Account Bar and Register balances.

    Starting to get optimistic.
  • September 18 - Following software update - "Solution" and Post Mortem

    I have been waiting for a software update before passing judgement on Frankx's work around as several times the symptoms of this issue mutated following the update.

    After installing the update, the good news is that all Account Bar and Register balances remain equal, so long as Frankx's "solution" of showing ending balances is selected. If current balances are selected the Chase card still has a $944 Million Account Bar balance and the First USA card is $2.7 Billion.

    I am going to call this issue, "HANDLED". While showing ending balances instead of current in the Account Bar is clearly handling the Billion dollar discrepancies, it has not "SOLVED" the underlying issue.

    For clarity and posterity, the fundamental issue is that Quicken has some inherent coding or data manipulation routine that in some cases allows the Account Bar and Register balances to be widely (Billions) different. These symptoms can be handled by selecting "Show Ending Balances" in the Account Bar preferences.

    Quicken has not recognized this issue and has repeatedly attempted to pass responsibility for this issue on to the User's data file, claiming it must be corrupted. Certain Users of this forum have trumpeted Quicken's denial of responsibility and cast the affected parties as having their head in the sand.

    Quicken chose to initially show this forum entry as having an "Accepted Answer" of being data corruption in the User's file. Following complaints that this was not a proven fact, Quicken did delete the "Accepted Answer" tag and allowed this forum entry to remain unsolved.

    Erroneously, on two separate issues with this User (this being the second and my entry on July 2019 concerning one out of five BofA accounts not updating with OSU being the first), Quicken has blamed the User's complaints on the User's file having data corruption. As we now know, Quicken's claim was not supported by any facts and we have prima facie evidence that both instances did not involve User data file corruption. Rather both cases involve code issues within Quicken.

    It can be assumed that Quicken has been giving similar advice to many users: "your file is corrupted". In light of the two above documented cases, such advice has often been in error and is likely irresponsible. [I know in my case I spent at least 20 hours trying to rebuild my "corrupted" file. While this effort was unsuccessful, it is even more maddening that one "preference" selection could make the problem appear to vanish.]

    Quicken should immediately adopt a policy, and tools, that limit the advice: "your file is corrupted", to only situations where Quicken can show there is file corruption. In any event, Quicken should make it clear that blaming the User's data file is no longer an acceptable default solution for this forum and their Support Team.
  • 9-29 - Update

    Having been away from my computer for a long weekend I wasn't paying attention to Quicken. This morning, I noticed that in the Account Bar the Chase Card is now showing an Ending Balance of $70 versus the $90 Register Balance. I did another update, closed and restarted Quicken, reset the Online Connection to the account, and no change occurred.

    I decided what the heck, lets see if selecting show Current Balance in the Account Bar is also showing the $70 balance or if it is back to $2.7 Billion or $944 Million.

    Surprise, surprise surprise, the Chase Card Current Balance is $70 in the Account Bar while remaining $90 in the Register. The First USA card is behaving fine with either the Ending or Current Balance option.

    For any that are tracking these symptoms, this behavior was evident for a period of time previously. Following a Quicken software update it reverted back to the $2.7 Billion Account Bar balance. Interestingly, also only affecting the Chase account.
  • Frankx
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    Hi @Frustrated Long Term Customer

    That information is very interesting...  Just wondering where you got the $3.644 Billion to pay off those two credit cards????  ;););)

    Hope you are well!


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  • This is going to be long so hunker down.

    So I went through my backups and the one from 9/15 had the correct balances. The one from 9/25 had the $70 Account Bar balance for Chase.

    I restored the 9/15 backup, did the OSU and accepted transactions, and all balances remain equal when Ending Balance is selected as view. When I select Current Balance, both the Chase and the First USA accounts have a $2.7 Billion balance in the Account Bar.

    I restored the file because while playing around with the original file, I deleted the link to Chase and re-enabled. When I did that, I observed a weird undeletable transaction in the Chase account (I didn't think to look for this entry prior to the reset so it may have already been there). While the Account Bar balance remained $70, the last transaction in the Chase account register was clearly bogus as it had no affect on the register balance and was not editable, movable and did not function as a normal entry.

    When I first restored the file, the transaction is not present.

    Interestingly, all the behavior that existed previously had been restored - i.e. the Register and Account Bar balances are equal in Ending Balance view, and in conflict with Current Balance view.

    I closed the back up file and reopened. The weird transaction is now in the Chase and First USA registers. Both accounts now have balances in conflict between the Register and Account Bar regardless of the balance view option selected.

    So I close and restart Windows. I restore the 9-18 back up which had equal balances and run OSU. Both accounts do not reflect the weird register entry and retain equal Register and Account Bar balances.

    I accept transactions, close the file and reopen. Both accounts remain as before, equal. I do this two more times, and all stays the same. The fourth time I restart Quicken the weird register entry is in the Chase register but not the First USA register. While flipping between account registers, the Chase Account Bar balance changes from $90 to $70.

    When I change Ending Balance view to Current Balance view, the First USA Account Bar goes to $2.7 Billion and the Chase is back to $90. When I flip back to Ending view I revert to the register balance for First USA and $70 for Chase.

    The only thing that I did different between the two episodes: restoring the 9-15 and 9-18 files, is to restart Windows. The 9-18 file behaves differently than the 9-15 file, and differently from itself depending on how many times it is closed and restarted.

    Both back up files were correctly showing equal balances between Account Bar and Register. Neither had a weird register entry. After I do OSU and close the file, both files are being affected in a similar, but, different manner. So Quicken, did you change anything between 9/15 and 9/25?
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