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Vanguard error OL-304-A



  • Add me to the list as well of those experiencing this error. Not sure what is going on, but I hope Quicken is focused on resolving. Started late this week and seems to be sporadic. I am on the latest Quicken version (27.42).
  • iseealineiseealine Member
    Well, after hearing it was the other guy's (vanguard or quicken) fault it started to download again like magic after finding my account in quicken and allowing me to link to it. Just a burp in the universe I guess. Thanks all for advice, etc.
  • William BaileyWilliam Bailey Member ✭✭
    edited August 2020
    I hope your success holds. I've only been successful 3 out of 10 times.
    Date RealFile TestFile
    29-Jul Success Failed
    30-Jul Failed Success
    1-Aug Failed Success
    2-Aug Failed Failed
    3-Aug Failed Failed
  • kj1231`kj1231` Member
    I haven't been able to download for a few weeks now. Nothing on OSU; bad account number on .QFX file which has correct account. Hard to believe that no one that works for this outfit has a 401K with Vanguard and can get this working consistently. 20+ years with Quicken but looking for another product. Are there any?
  • westmagrwestmagr Member
    Add me to the list. Starting getting OL-304-A errors a couple weeks back. Removed online access for my vanguard accounts, now I cannot re-add them to online access. When I put in my UN/PW, it says looking for accounts at vanguard, then screen disappears and nothing happens. Contacted quicken support on chat and they said the logs show a "2003 error" and my accounts are being blocked on vanguard side. Called vanguard and talked to online support and they said it's a Quicken issue as they have no way of blocking accounts from download on an individual basis. So frustrating. On latest version, have repaired file, tried new blank test file, and have been trying these steps for a couple of weeks now.....no luck.
  • William BaileyWilliam Bailey Member ✭✭
    I’ve had the same problem and have spent hours with vanguard and had their second level support group review my analysis, providing annotated logs and explaining how OFX/Direct Connect works. It just falls on deaf ears. They don’t understand how it works and refuse to look into it.

    I wish someone from Quicken would take the time to try and educate them. I’ve asked Quicken support to do that and didn’t get a response.

    I just run it everyday and it does work about 20% of the time (I’m tracking it) so it isn’t that big a deal for me.
  • Same problem here. It only works if I deactivate and the reactivate the account. I would think since this affects multiple customers that Quicken would do something to help resolve this issue. I've been a loyal customer for over 20+ years as well but my patience is running thin.
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