Extreme Delays during Reconcile [edited]

Luckily, I have someone else who handles my bookkeeping in Quicken because every time I get in the file I want to pull my hair out due to its INCREDIBLY slow speed. AND--when I get in the file, I inevitably end up super frustrated and research and take actions to attempt to increase speed to no avail.

No doubt I'm forgetting some of the things I've tried (most multiple times), but off the top of my head...

* Copied file
* Validated and repaired file
* Removed transactions from prior to 5 years ago
* Set Quicken as high-priority in Windows
* Eliminated payees over 13 months old
* Eliminated all excess categories
* Reduced bill pay view to 7 days
* Backed up - Restored
* Created and tested a new file
* Created and tested a new file on a different system

[removed - rant/unhelpful]

Undoubtedly someone is going to ask for specs, so here they are: https://www.screencast.com/t/rVNqWdR93w

I acknowledge this post is a whole lot of whining. This is highly influenced by what should have taken 2 - 3 hours MAX to reconcile accounts took literally 10.5 hours of nearly non-stop work. That's simply unacceptable.

I am just at a loss and thoroughly cannot understand how anyone can work in this horrid excuse for modern software.


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    Sorry to hear that your system is running slowly.  Let's see if we can help you restore the expected speed of using Quicken. If you have not already done so, please see the following 3 articles and try to work through each step. (In descending order of likelihood as to what's causing the slow down.) 
    And also see Reconciling an Account in Quicken for Windows. Perhaps there is a faster pathway to achieve complete your task?

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    Thank you for your interest in supporting me.

    ✅ SSD drive and exceeding all system requirements
    ✅ Exited programs
    ✅ Restarted
    ✅ Scandisk runs weekly
    ✅ No backup tools running
    ✅ No other programs run slow
    ✅ Copied and validated and super validated the file multiple times
    ✅ All files and backups are/have been slow so restoring from a backup is not possible
    ✅ Sort order is by date in all registers
    ✅ Using the latest release R27.28
    ✅ Created a file for my son and speed is unacceptably slow there as well
    ✅ Uninstalled Quicken
    ✅ Ran QClean
    ✅ Followed the folder removal process
    ✅ Restarted
    ✅ Reinstalled Quicken
    ✅ Completed investment transaction archive on all investment accounts
    ✅ Validated and repaired again - No notable issues: https://www.screencast.com/t/yRVVyYzuj
    ✅ I reviewed the link on reconciliation. I'm clear on how to reconcile--the delay had nothing to do with my knowledge or experience and everything to do with sitting waiting for Quicken in between every----- single---- click/update.

    Getting to this point took just under THREE HOURS working non-stop. 100% of the delays were when working IN Quicken. Uninstall, reinstall, restarting, etc. --anything computer system wise --lightning fast. Anything *in* Quicken... was more along the lines of what I would imagine it would be like to watch paint dry.

    For further insight into the delays...

    ⏳ Open register window 10.27 seconds
    ⏳ Select transaction from download to edit 4.66 seconds
    ⏳ Tab from name to category 5.29 seconds
    ⏳ Select Bills & Income from home 13.82 seconds
    ⏳ Completed a one-step update 8 minutes and 18 seconds to connect to 18 providers.

    🥁🥁🥁 END RESULT > Zero noticeable improvements.

    ...oh ---and after all of this... my budgets are corrupt --again. 🤦😡

    l would love to understand how or why Quicken is dedicating resources to a new application when the one currently in existence is ridden with bugs and concerns that people mention again and again and again--for years.
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    Hello @smallbizwhiz

    Thank you for the response and for providing additional details, although I apologize for the frustration that this has caused.

    As a test, could please navigate to File > New Quicken file to create a new test file.

    I would then add an account to test the speed of the file as well as selecting the bills and income tab to see if you experience the same delays.

    This can help narrow down if the delay is coming from the file or the application.

    Please let us know what you find!

    -Quicken Tyka
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    Hey there. So I finally got to a point where I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to reach out to support. I ended up working with a supervisor. We spent several hours working on things to no avail. Downloads took up to 9 minutes and everything was unacceptably slow.

    So we created a quicken transfer file with the existing data, created a new quicken file, and imported the data to the new file. Most of the balances were incredibly far off and would require being reworked. I would have been up for that---albeit not happy about it--except everything was still unbearably slow, with exception to downloads. That was lightning fast. But just opening a check register or clicking on a tab at the top--would take multiple seconds. Data entry was really no different. In the end, she suggested that Simplifi might be a better solution for me, but it's not as it doesn't meet my needs.

    So before completely giving up on Quicken, I decided to start a brand new file. I imported 10 accounts that I have with one institution, did a little fictitious work to check out the flow... same results--unacceptably slow.

    As I mentioned in my original post, I previously created a brand new file for my son on both my computer and his computer. Both computers far exceed any requirements--and both have the same 'watching paint dry' speed. My bookkeeper at a different location using a different computer experiences the same thing.

    In the end, I can only chalk all of this experience up to one thing. Quicken sucks. We all know that Intuit neglected its development I really, really hoped that a new owner and leadership would focus heavily on digging into and rearchitecting what is an AMAZING solution (conceptually)--to not suck so bad--but instead, they're seemingly focusing on a new and improved solution that also doesn't cut the mustard.

    I really love Quicken's concept. I've been using it since the end of MS Money. It does all of the things I need and want it to do, except actually work within this decade's usability from a speed and reliability perspective.

    I really appreciate the attempts to support and I am seemingly out of options that would lend to continuing to use Quicken that doesn't lead to pulling my hair out or my bookkeeper quitting. I am sincerely hoping that my concerns and the ABUNDANCE of other people's concerns surrounding performance are seen by Quicken and that Quicken's leadership actually cares enough about our concerns to create change. Until then--I'm choosing to test out some other solutions that could work.

    When you notice the continued trend of search volume for Quicken decline by half over the last 10 years and by 75% in the last 15... something isn't quite right 📉.

    I'm really hoping they can change things around.
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