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Unable to import transaction data from Raymond James

On 21 July, Quicken (Mac) began reporting connection failures to Raymond James & Associates server, https://directconnect.rjf.com.  It is unclear whether this is a Raymond James error or an Akamai Technology routing error.  Raymond James is, currently, working on the problem.

A temporary work around proposed by Raymond James is to use your web browser to download the OFX transaction file from their Client Access web site and, then, import the downloaded QFX file into Quicken.  The <USPRODUCTTYPE> tag is not supported by Raymond James and, as a result, one cannot import traditional IRA account transactions.

As the accounts are not identified as IRA accounts, Quicken (Mac) assumes that all accounts are brokerage accounts and doesn't allow the accounts to be linked to your Traditional IRA accounts in Quicken.  Quicken only allows you to create new brokerage accounts.

Has anyone played with temporarily changing Traditional IRA accounts to Brokerage account and changing them back again after importing a QFX file?

Would you consider Quicken's behavior of not permitting one to link accounts in a downloaded QFX file a fault in Quicken just because the financial institution does not support <USPRODUCTTYPE>?


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I suspect that your inability to link is simply because the account is already setup for online activity. In the past, if an account already was, the link option was no longer available to that account. You would have to deactivate that account to be able to link.

    The developers have altered this behavior in the past (such as sometimes allowing the linking to connected accounts to import older history), but I do not know if this applied to investment accounts. 

    Since you are only two days into this issue, you might wish to wait before deactivating to see if this is the case.

  • M C Crockett
    M C Crockett Member ✭✭✭
    The same FID is used for Web Access, Express Web Access, and Direct Connect.  The problem that you describe only occurs when a different FID is used for each of the access method.

    I have two Brokerage accounts and two IRA accounts at Raymond James.  The manually downloaded QFX file does not use the <USPRODUCTTYPE> tag to identify the type of account.  As a result, Quicken assumes all accounts are Brokerage accounts.  The two accounts in Quicken that are configured as Brokerage account can be successfully updated when the QFX file is imported.

    The two accounts that are configured as Traditional IRA accounts cannot be updated.  As the Traditional IRA accounts are not classified as Brokerage accounts, Quicken prompts you to create new Brokerage accounts to import the data and does not provide the option to link to the existing Traditional IRA accounts in Quicken.
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