Do not see data on new computer in a move from an old to new computer

Using 2020 subscription Quicken. I downloaded Quicken on new computer. I backed up the data on the old computer. I zip drived the data to new computer and restored it successfully. Under file menu drop down, I have the data checked off but I can't find the data under accounts. Help.


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    Hi, @JimToo .  When Quicken is first set up it prompts us to either start a new file or to select an existing file to open.  My guess is that you probably started a new file which, of course, will not have any data in it.
    If you saved your existing file in the default location where Quicken saves files, click on File and the Open Quicken File.  It will then open a File Explorer window where you can select the file you want.
    If did not save your existing file in the default location but you know where you saved it, click on File and then Open Quicken File and then you can use the File Explorer window to maneuver through your directory to the location where you saved it and select the file there.
    If you do not remember where you saved your existing file, click on File and then click on Find Quicken Files.  It should start searching right away but if it doesn't click on Search...make sure to search your entire hard drive.  Depending on how much you have loaded on your hard drive, the search process could take several minutes to complete.  Since this is a new install on a new computer, my guess is that the search will find only 2 Quicken data files...the new one that was created during your set up of Quicken and the existing file that you transferred from your old computer...and you might have a backup file of your new file found, too.  Select the file you are looking for and then click on Open File.
    Let me know if you were able to find and open your file.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R39.23 on Windows 10)