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Quick Pay/Check Pay Isn't an Option

I have established and verified two accounts. I have linked and verified six online bills. They show up in the Bills and Income screen. However, I'm unable to initiate/schedule payments from the Bills and Income screen. I click Quick Pay and the popup menu says I have to select a date earlier than today's date. If I go back to the Bills and Income screen and click the pull down arrow I get the typical Enter the Expense table. However, Quick Pay/Check Pay is not an option in the Method/Check box.

I get the same Enter the Expense dialog box (with not option to select Quick Pay/Check Pay) from the Reminder list and when attempting to enter from the register.


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    I'm posting to refresh this initial post since your recent question doesn't provide these details.  Also, it would help if you'd give us the details of the program and version you are using (Help, About Quicken).  As far as error message, I only get something similar if I try to use a date in the past:

    If I select a date in the future, it changes as show below:

    Can you tell us what date you are trying to select for payment?
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