How do I restart a new Quicken?

Quicken user since 1992, Support tells me my data is corrupted. Currently Qkn will not let me transfer funds from one account to another.

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  • l.adler
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    What to do? Restart? How?
  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello @l.adler
    Sorry to hear that your old working data file is corrupted. Let's try to help you recover by taking several steps:
    What year/version/build (Help > About Quicken) of Quicken are you using, please?

    Do you have a current subscription to Quicken? Are you using the current version of the software? If you have not already done so, please update your software (Help > Check for Updates).

    Do you have a corruption-free backup file that you can resort to?
    This may take some testing to determine.

    Try opening the most-recent dated back up file; test this file to make sure it is corruption-free. (File > File Operations > Copy [coping is an important step as this "re-maps" transactions, and might help correct issues].
    Then working with the Copied file, File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate file > OK.)
    Is this file corruption-free? If so, then make this your new "working file" and move forward from that point.

    If need be, test other backup files (in descending order, most-recently-dated to oldest) until you find a corruption-free file to work with.
    Or, in a worst case scenario, you may have to start an entirely new data file if you don't have any corruption-free backup files to use.

    This process may be a bit tedious, but you should be able to recover and move forward, or start a new file (File > New Quicken File) and move forward.

    Please post back to this thread with additional information and to let us know how it turns out. If need be, you are welcome to contact support for one-on-one help.
  • l.adler
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    Using the current version of Quicken, installed November 2019, membership in force, Software recently updated, don't know if my file is corruption-free. Does one find out by using the " Copied file, File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate file > OK.) " command?
  • Quicken Hugh
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    Yes, the process of Copied file, File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate file > OK will run a Validate (checking for corruption), and when possible, Repair routine on your data file. Note, not all corruption can be fixed by running the Copy/Validate and Repair routine, but it certainly is worth trying.

    At the end of this routine, you should get a Notepad Data Log. We are hoping to see something like this:
    Validating your data.
    No errors.
    No read errors.
    All internal consistency checks passed.
    [Tue Jul 28 15:36:07 2020]
    No out-of-range security references found.
    Validation has completed.

    This would indicate that the data file is in good shape and ready for you to use. 

    If you get something that says "data block corrupted", then you'd have to move to the next-most-recent backup file and try again.

    >>"Support tells me my data is corrupted." Please describe how Support determined your data is corrupted?
  • l.adler
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    In April 2020, after much frustration since at least January, I was told to open a new Quicken acct, make up a fake bank account and try transferring funds. It worked. The person [sorry, seem to have lost his name] then said my old data was 'corrupted'. Opened a new Qkn acct, used my USB back up file to restore data; transfer did NOT work. Hmmnh?
  • l.adler
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    July 28, 2020 Quicken help tells me to do this, but there is only one transaction in this acct. Shall I just delete it, and start over with a new Acct name?

    "Your investment account includes transactions that cannot be automatically transferred to a linked Chequing account. The linked Chequing account's ending cash balance doesn't equal the cash balance of the original investment account.
    The problematic transactions may be:
    • Transfers from multiple banking accounts
    • Transfers from within split transactions
    • Employee stock purchase plan transactions
    • Employee stock option transactions
    1. Restore the data file that Quicken automatically backed up for you during the process of creating the linked Chequing account.
    2. Print the transaction list of the investment account.
    3. Edit the transactions in the investment account so that the transaction totals equal the amount of the transaction totals in the original data file. "
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  • l.adler
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    It seems I had errors in the 'set-up' of investment accts. Now transfers seem to be working. But still having issues with bank acct transfers. Have created a "slush" fund to correct balances.
    Not a pleasing solution.
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