File validation to fix _DivInc internal category missing the tax attribute so reports work properly.

Posted this before but when will Quicken have a fix for this? File validation should fix these internal categories, and should be a file validation enhancement or feature.

Quicken Tax Reports not using _DivInc internal category. It's missing the tax attribute.


  • UKR
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    Also discussed at length here:
    The programmers are aware of it, ticket number CTP-491.
    Now they just need to get a round tuit ... ;-)

  • JRod
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    I hate that prior discussions on this issue gets closed. I would like to see some official communications from Quicken on this being a priority. There has been a few updates to Quicken already and no fix yet.
  • raa0428
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    My issue is similar, except that my _DivInc is set to the incorrect Tax Line Item - ScheduleB-Dividend Income Non-Taxable so all of the Dividend transactions for Taxable Accounts do not show up properly in Tax Planner.

    Would love for an update on potential fixes for updating the Tax Line Item categories for _DivInc investment category. Thanks.
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  • JRod
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    edited November 2020
    This seems to be fixed in a recent update. Has anyone noticed the internal _DivInc category now properly being reported in the Tax reports.
    My latest Quicken for Windows version is Version: R30.10

    Can Quicken confirm what version provided the internal category fix when doing a file validation?
    My Quicken Tax reports is once again reporting Dividends.
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