Reconcile Starting Balance Incorrect (Q Mac)

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  • logres
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    I am having a similar issue with the Mac version. I have been using Quicken for over 15 years, without issue. Suddenly, when I went to reconcile one of my accounts, the starting balance was off, by thousands of dollars (negative balance). I kept checking for the error and couldn't find anything, so I reluctantly allowed Quicken to enter an adjustment. I have never had to enter an adjustment in 15 years. Then I tried to reconcile the next month's balance, and it's not picking up a transaction (a credit card transfer) that seems perfectly fine. So I can't reconcile that month. I am almost ready to give up on Quicken if it messes up this badly. Can I trust it?
  • SusannaMV
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    Thanks for the reality check. It's so unlike me to enter a balance wrong that I still can't believe I did it. My April reconcile was fine so I replaced my current file with my end-of-April backup and re-entered two and a half months' worth of transactions. A PITA but it could have been worse. I'm going to be hyper-vigilant going forward.
  • I'm having this issue (Mac) but I haven't seen a resolution for others posting same. I was stuck with an issue where 2 transactions weren't appearing in Sept 2019. I decided to try reconciling through the end of 2019 (4 months at a time) and that worked! However, the starting balance for January of 2020 did not match the ending balance of December 2019 and by a LOT! Looking at the register, where the reconciled section ends, the balance is correct. But as soon as I fire up reconciliation, the starting balance is way off. Any help? Thank you.
  • I found the issue for my own problem. It actually stems from yet another inexplicable issue where one day this week a handful of transactions disappeared from the register from August. The balance was correct so when I went to add them back in (struggling to determine what was missing in the first place--most obvious being a paycheck) the balance was skewed). I thought somehow I hid the transactions. I finally found them in Feb-March of 2019! On random dates. I moved them back but I just noticed today that somehow they were "reconciled". Once I unreconciled them my starting balance is correct for date ending 12/31/19. But why those didn't affect my successful reconciliation of the rest of 2019, I don't know. All good now.
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