What is the deal with this update message?

:/ Twice this month I see the following "update" warning appear on Screen when I start Quicken (CDN). If I follow the instructions (Check Updates) - the second message appears telling me I have the latest version. If I click on the link in the message - I get sent to the Quicken download area where I am staring at an update that is already installed.

This update looks important judging by the message and it might even fix a boatload of transaction problems I have had for over 18 months where basically ALL of my downloaded transactions from RBC are reversed (Payee in Memo field etc) requiring me to manually fix each and every downloaded item.

Would love to know why this is coming up and why an important update is essentially not possible to install.



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  • Bruce McDonald
    Bruce McDonald Member ✭✭
    How is installing this "mondo" patch going to help since the version of this thing is the same as what I already have installed? I do not see the point.
  • volvogirl
    volvogirl SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just try installing it.  What have you got to lose?  I don't know why it's different but it helps.  
  • Bruce McDonald
    Bruce McDonald Member ✭✭
    edited August 2020
    I am online now with Support and they are saying I am up to date.

    Did you encounter this exact issue and fix it by installing the Mondo over top of your current install?

    I understand it may "help" but it also may not. Quicken Support is telling me there is an update in the pipeline but this message is not it.

    Regarding what I might have to lose - a working Quicken like I have right now. I do not want to mess up my current install by trying this and possibly having issues.
  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2020
    Never mind the message - what about an actual update :p (sorry couldn't resist). I too have had these messages pop up, get a little exciting for something new - then let down again! I already have the latest Mondo patch installed.
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