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when sorting register by date either put deposits prior to expenses or give an option for that sequence.
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  • Same suggestion... I'm using Mac Subscription version.
    I joined the community today specifically to search for how to set this seemingly basic option. I believe banks are required to process deposits before expenses. I'd expect Quicken to do the same, or as mentioned in the original post, give us an option for this.
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    " I believe banks are required to process deposits before expenses."
    Sorry, but there's no such requirement.
    At the "Big 5" bank where I was a Systems VP, debits (i.e., expenses) typically had a TranCode if the 50's, whereas deposits had TranCodes in the 70's.  57 for a check and 78 for an over the counter deposit were the most frequently used.
    The reason for this is to look for "daylight overdrafts", where the account is temporarily overdrawn until/IF there are also deposits to cover the debits.  And, even then, they want to see if the account holder is doing this  repeatedly ... an indication of possible "Check-Kiting".
    Lastly, it doesn't matter in what order you input the items into Q (especially the debits) because you can never tell when the recipient of that check is going to actually deposit it themselves.
    There is, at least in QWin, the option to record the entries into banking type accounts in "Ordered Entered".  Click the Gear Icon  on the top line of the account (across from the account name) and then click "Sorting Options".
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    Even though I totally agree with  @NotACPA that there isn't any such requirement for the financial institution to do this in fact in Quicken Windows for non investment accounts it is already doing this.

    The normal sorting by date already puts the deposits before the debits.

    Here is a test with importing some transactions using a QFX file (manual entry does the same thing).
    Sorted by Date/Order Entered:

    Sorted by Date:

    Also note though that in Quicken Mac I believe you can reorder transactions by dragging and dropping them.  And I bet the people that requested it really like it, and you can't do that in Quicken Windows.  But here is where you start to get into real problems.

    Since Quicken Windows sorting is all dictated by the "sort order" setting you can flip between them and not get any "conflicts".  In the case of Quicken Mac if someone has gone to the trouble of reordering the transactions manually and then requests a different sort order it could get "messy" of exactly when to use the user's reordering or not.

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