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Single Threaded Nightmare

vanderrick Member ✭✭
Updating accounts is so slow as to be painful. I tested the app using CPU affinity and it is obviously single-threaded when doing manual entries into investment accounts (only one tested). The graphics updates are clunky. You never know what's underneath the mouse when you click because menus, frames, buttons, etc., are moving wildly around the screen. It's 2020 for heck's sake. Even my junkiest computer has four cores. Get with it!

If you're doing updates, I'd rather freeze the entire application while the database is updated than (removed-language) multi-threaded or event-based updates that lead you to believe its OK to try to enter something.

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  • vanderrick
    vanderrick Member ✭✭
    Version R27.42

    There is not doubt the quick file is large (72MB). However most of the performance problems seem to be with the investing page.

    Without the investing portion of quicken, I could use a spreadsheet or my bank's tools. Keep that in mind.

    I suggest testing on a no so powerful computer as developers tend to have..
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