Problem where Shares Transfer Between Accounts doesn't work properly

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I transferred the same shares from account A to B and then to C. I had 3 lots from the original transfer "A" and when I tried to transfer those 3 lots from "B" to "C" only the first 2 lots showed up in account "C". To correct I had to change the transfer from B to C to only select the quantity from the first 2 lots and then create a second transfer with just the third lot on its own. What a hassle. I didn't find out what happened until I did a download and it said I was out of balance. I did 5 of these types of transaction and it took me 3 hours to correct the problems this caused. I grant you that it probably is not something that happens often and may not be a priority, but please add this to your list of things to fix some day.


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    I tried replicating this in a test file.  The only way I could get Quicken to NOT transfer all of the lots was to date the transfer transaction before the last of the original purchases.
    My test file had a cash deposit and three buys on 2/1/20, 4/1/20 & 6/1/20.  As long as the transfers happened after 6/1/20 it was successful.
    I tried it doing "transfer all securities" and all of a single security, both were successful.
    BTW, to undo them, I just started with "C" and deleted the three "adds", changed to "B" and deleted the single "remove" and the three "adds" and then changed to "A" to deleted the single "remove".  It went very quickly.
    Not sure what you did to get different results.
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    The transactions with different lots in the original account were bought in 2010.
    Those transactions transferred to the second account in 2017.
    Those transaction were moved into the third account in 2020.
    Maybe it has something to do with the versions of quicken at the time of the purchase in 2010, or the first transfer in 2017?
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    Hello @jmatsumo

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