When will the Raymond James interface be fixed?

I spoke to Raymond James and they said that the way Quicken connects presents security issues for Raymond James and they have discontinued access. When is quicken going to resolve the security issue?

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  • CColotti
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    that other thread seems to be closed (can't add comments to it) which isn't allowing more people to express frustration with the issue. The "Accepted Answer" doesn't really say much about a TTR (Time To Resolution) either.
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    @CColotti - Once a trouble ticket or an escalation has been opened by a Moderator it is not uncommon for the thread to be closed to additional comments.  I don't know the reason for this but I suspect it's because more comments being posted clouds the ending message (that the trouble ticket or escalation has been opened) because too many people don't bother reading through the entire thread and instead just read the last couple of posts.  It could also be that more posts being added after a trouble ticket or escalation has been opened doesn't really do anything to get faster resolution.
    It is also not normal for TTRs to be posted in Community.  Usually what ends up getting posted is a simple status update, such as, "still in process", "resolution attained", etc.  This is especially true when the issue appears to be outside of Quicken's control, like this one appears to be.
    From personal experience I know how frustrating this type of situation can be.  Quicken users caught the ear of the Quicken team and they've escalated the issue to RJ and the service providers (i.e,. those who are the ones who can fix it) which is all the Quicken team can really do in this type of case.  If you want to help push it along putting some pressure on RJ might help.
    Until the issue is resolved you can use the workaround (using Web Connect to manually download transaction files from the RJ website).  It's certainly not ideal but per that previous thread it does work.
    If you want to receive updates on this issue, be sure to bookmark that previous thread by clicking on the start to the right of the thread title.
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  • Alan Richter
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    Spoke to my Raymond James FA last week, Clients will get a letter in the mail next week for a fix that involves completely signing out of Client services and signing back in with a new username and password. Currently you cannot change your username without help from your FA and customer service but supposidly there will be a simpler way to do this. There is a security breach issue with Direct Connect which is I guess a separate entity from Quicken or Raymond James. According to my FA other places had shut it off also
  • Today I got a OL-294 error as opposed to the OL-297 when trying to update with Raymond James. ????
  • Boatnmaniac
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    Today I got a OL-294 error as opposed to the OL-297 when trying to update with Raymond James. ????
    OL-294 is a different error code.  It usually means that the RJ server is busy or down.  If it's just that their server is busy, trying to update the account again right after the error code is received will often work.  If the server is down it might take a little longer before the account will update.  Typically, the problem will go away by the next business day (usually in much less time than that).  If the problem continues for more than 24 hrs you might want to review this error-specific support article regarding error OL-294.
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  • Rick6
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    Nothing has changed, Raymond James has had their server down since July 21, it is still down. The connection will time out until they bring the server back up. There is no reason to research a timeout error right now. This doesn't affect my other financial institutions, so it has to be related to specific technology in place and servicing Raymond James customers, among selected other institutions. For this to go a full month without resolution is a sign of some pretty sketchy technology choices by these institutions. Unacceptable.

    Here's the link Quicken uses to reach the Raymond James server:
  • BChat
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    Direct Connect download from Raymond James appears to be working now. Hallelujah. I updated my account using direct connect this morning. Nice of them "not" to tell their users.
  • grayworms53
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    Worked for me also this morning. All accounts were updated.
  • Bruzer
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    Working here as well. In the other thread (https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7878477/resolved-raymond-james-quicken-is-unable-to-establish-an-internet-connection-ol-297-a/p2), the mod posted on 8/19 that the issue had been resolved.
  • BLT99
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    I tried updating my accounts with Raymond James this evening and continue to receive the same 297 error message. I heard from one of my RJ agent's assistants that the interface was fixed. Do I need to take specific steps to ensure this connection goes through? All my accounts are set for Direct Connect but I did not do a reset before trying today. Suggestions?
  • Boatnmaniac
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    @BLT99 - The first thing I would do if I got this error message after OSU is to try Update Now.  (Upper right Gear icon of Account Register.)
    If that doesn't work, I would next try Reset Account (from the Online Services tab of Account Details).
    If that doesn't work, I'd back up my data file and then Deactivate the account and then Set up now (from the Online Services tab of Account Details).
    If none of these steps work, you will probably need to call RJ to see if they can provide some assistance.
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