New Bill Manager and Mortgage Payments bug

The new bill manager UI defaults to taking the mortgage payment amount from the downloaded bill. It also locks the amount field and will not allow changing it. This breaks the setup for anyone who makes extra principal payments.

I believe a workaround (haven't fully tested) is to after the bill is downloaded and changes the amount, go and edit the mortgage bill reminder, and just click done. You don't need to change anything just open it and click done. This changes the amount in the bill entry back to the proper amount you want to pay. Then go back to the bill page and "quick pay" the mortgage entry and the confirmation dialog shows the proper amount I want to pay.

When setting up bill payment with a quicken tracked mortgage the payment amount should be taken from the mortgage reminder and not from the bill. Maybe it should allow the option either way, kind of like the option to use the account balance for credit cards.


  • evildog
    evildog Member ✭✭
    hmm, doesn't look like the workaround is 100%. I was able to get it to work on 1 mortgage for 1 payment, but not a different mortgage. I'll see if it still works again next month on the first one.

    Looks like I'll have to pay that outside of quicken.
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