MAJOR IMPROVEMENT AREAS needed for Quicken Mobile for iOS

Scott Rose
Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
I think that iOS users can agree that Quicken Mobile for iOS is a slow & poorly-designed app. Maybe it's totally awesome & brilliant & award-winning on Android devices, but on iOS, it feels like an afterthought. It seems to be one of the slowest & poorest UI experiences that you can find in Apple's App Store today.

Obviously, this is because Quicken is not really testing for user experience on iOS, but more importantly, it's because Quicken decided to shun Apple's native mobile development tools by creating the app in some non-native language — and then porting the app to iOS to run in some iOS wrapper translation shell. This results in a really poor UI experience.

We have a list of over 15 issues with Quicken Mobile for iOS that need to be improved, but here are our Top 8 areas of improvement:

 1. When we're entering in a new transaction into Quicken Mobile for iOS (and dealing with all of the other problems that go along with entering a new transaction), Quicken Mobile displays ALL OF OUR PAYEES, even those that have been HIDDEN on Quicken Mac. Please respect this HIDDEN checkbox, and don't show us all of our payees. This slows things down even more than the already-slow interface..

2. To make matters worse, when we're entering in a new transaction, Quicken Mobile for iOS doesn't give us OUR MOST RECENT PAYEES at the top of the list, but insists on showing them in alphabetical order. Just like the Quicken Mac desktop app, please show our most recent payees at the top of the list.

3. Very frustrating for us: When we're entering a new transaction, it doesn't show us the LONG CATEGORY NAMES (i.e. Category:Subcategory). For subcategories that are repeated throughout our database, we have to GUESS as to what the category might be when we're entering a new transaction. Why? Because Quicken Mobile for iOS will only show us the "Subcategory", not the "Category:Subcategory" when we are entering a new transaction. Please show us BOTH the Category AND the Subcategory when we are entering a new transaction.

4. In Quicken Mobile for iOS, whenever we enter a new transaction from the main home screen, Quicken chooses the first account alphabetically as our default account for that new transaction. This is NEVER the account that we want to use for new transactions. We should be able to set what our DEFAULT ACCOUNT is that Quicken Mobile should default to when entering a new transaction from the Home Screen.

5. Instead of giving us a fluid user interface, Quicken Mobile for iOS makes us tap way too many times to enter in a new transaction. For example, when we're trying to enter a payee name into the payee field, (1) first we have to tap the payee field once to hide the existing keyboard, then (2) we have to tap a 2nd time into the payee field to bring up the payee search screen, then (3) we have to tap a 3rd time into the payee search screen to start searching for a payee, and then (4) we have to tap a 4th time to choose a payee, and then (5) we have to tap a 5th time to move onto the next field. This is 5 unnecessary taps, just to enter ONE payee. And Quicken is extremely slow & unresponsive during all 5 of these taps. And this painful experience is just for ONE FIELD. Similar frustrations exist for EVERY FIELD. Entering a payee should be 2 taps at most.

6. No matter how many times you set your balance to show you "Projected Balance" instead of "Today's Balance" throughout the entire app, Quicken Mobile for iOS insists on going right back to "Today's Balance" again — as soon as you quit and relaunch the app. Regardless of whether you change it on the home screen or for individual accounts, it always goes right back to "Today's Balance" on all screens.

7. When viewing your list of "Recent Transactions" from "Date New to Date Old", Quicken Mobile for iOS doesn't actually show you your transactions in reverse chronological order. This makes it extremely confusing & frustrating to actually figure out what your most recent transaction actually was. What Quicken Mobile for iOS does is that it LUMPS ALL OF EACH DAY'S TRANSACTIONS TOGETHER INTO A GROUP, and then it puts the OLDEST TRANSACTION OF EACH DAY FIRST. This makes absolutely no sense at all, and makes it slow & time consuming & confusing to find our most recent transaction, since everything is out of order. Quicken Mobile should ACTUALLY show us our transaction in TRUE REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

8. Please make Quicken Mobile an ACTUAL native iOS app for full speed & proper interaction with the operating system.

Thank you!
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  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    Regarding #3 above, what I meant is that when the Category field gets AUTOMATICALLY QUICK-FILLED onto a new transaction, you can never see the long category name. Even when looking at an old transaction, you can never see the long category name. You are forced by Quicken Mobile to tap on the category field first, and then sometimes even scroll up to see the category name.
  • steebadeeb
    steebadeeb Member ✭✭
    It is the same slow and clunky and poorly designed app for Android too. Constantly fighting with it to make it work properly. Hasn't updated the investing part in days. I sit here now waiting for it to resync for nearly 20 minutes. Have reset it in the desktop program. So, don't think you Apple people are alone in your frustration. An older version has worked better by being a lot faster but of course you can't go back.
  • njpaisley
    njpaisley Member ✭✭
    The fact that it takes, on most occasions, upwards of 1-2 minutes to enter a single transaction negates it’s usefulness. Better to write down in a notebook and record on the PC. I’m using iOS on iPhone XR, and Quicken Deluxe, Windows version. Yes, ALL programs and operating systems, both windows and iOS are current.
  • I totally agree with Scott Rose. The App really sucks to be fair.
    As an iOS Developer I would like to offer my services to Quicken to re-build Quicken for iOS and provide the proper UX expected by iOS users.
    The current App is hard to understand, difficult to find where to do something, needs manual update from both sides (Mac and iOS), presents duplicated records, there is no proper report, is TOO SLOW that most of times I prefer to boot my Mac and do my finances on the computer instead of on the mobile.
    So again, I'm offering my services to re-build Quicken for iOS from ground up.
    Thanks Cassio.
  • GatorGB
    GatorGB Member
    I want to add as a long time user of Quicken (probably 20+ years), but the iOS app is painful to use. A great idea but I cannot understand why it takes 5 - 10 seconds to register a click on an option. Why should I press Money IN and wait 5-10 seconds for it to register. Why should I select the account I want to use and wait 5-120 seconds for it to open.

    My brother has already ditched Quicken - he just gave up and I am finding it frustrating to use.
  • Been a Quicken user since the days of DOS. Started Using quicken For Mac about 2 years ago. Certainly not as good as the windows version. When I sync to Quicken Mobile most of the time receipts don't transfer and recently I get the same transactions doubled and tripled. A real waste of time. I am looking at other products now.