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Quicken 2020 unable to import transactions

Quicken 2017 for Windows was working fine. Quicken disabled Quicken 2017's ability to import transactions on 5/1/2020. So I had to buy Quicken 2020. But it can not import transactions. Any attempt to download transactions from a financial institution, or to open a downloaded .qfx file, is meet with the message "Quicken is unable to establish an Internet connection. [OL-297-A]" I didn't buy as a browser, my browsers work fine, all other programs can connect to the Internet. If I knew Q 2020 was unable to import transactions, and I had to add transactions by hand, I would have stuck with Q 2017. Any why would Q2020 need an Internet connection to open a .qfx file - the file is download and sitting on the hard disk? There were no changes in the computer or software other than installing Q2020 instead of 2017. This identical problem was reported by another person at
The discussion closed without any resolution. And why would the discussion be closed without resolution?

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