How can I obtain my payee and payment history information from the [old] online Bill Pay service?

I don't use Quicken software on the desktop because it stopped working for me several years ago. However, I continued to use the Bill Pay service through its online interface. Now I have years of payment history and payee information that I can't find a way to retrieve. How can I retrieve my financial records from online Bill Pay?


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    Hello @tstorms,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    For this topic, I recommend that you reach out and speak with a support agent from Quicken Bill Pay Support directly. Their support agents will be able to better assist you and help you find what you're looking for if it's available through their website. In the article scroll down to the section titled Overview and open the blue dropdown titled Click here for the Quicken Bill Pay phone number.

    Once you decide to call and reach the automated system, you will select the following number prompts in order to be taken to a Quicken Bill Pay Support agent.
    1. Press 1 for Quicken Bill Pay issues
    2. Press 1 for Quicken for Windows
    3. Press 2 for Quicken for Windows 2017 or earlier
    4. Press for General Bill Pay question
    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
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    I suggest you contact the online bill payment service you are using.  For Quicken Bill Pay
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    I had already spoken to a Bill Pay representative who advised me there was no automated method she knew of to obtain the data and to speak to a Quicken representative. This transition to a new bill payment scheme seems to be pretty haphazard and not very well planned. Apparently there is no automated way to get payee information from within Quicken either since the migration instructions say you should have a list of your payees (implying a piece of paper) before you start. After 20 years or more of being a Quicken Bill Pay user, I never knew they were separate entities. I thought the name QUICKEN Bill Pay meant they were one company that worked together to provide a financial solution. Unfortunately, no - Bill Pay is a third party. So now, it's just reduced to finger pointing and no help for me. Some brain ought to be able to figure out how to export payees and payment history in spreadsheet format in about an hour instead of leaving customers like me high and dry.
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    When the demise of QBP was announced, I was looking for a way to preserve my Online Payee List.  I ended up going to the BillPay online web site and was able to "print" the list from there to a PDF file using the printing function in my browser.  I was also able to copy and paste the text into an Excel file.  I'm not sure whether I ended up doing the text copy from my browser or the PDF file but believe it was the later.  Anyway, it's not an ideal solution but depending on how important the data is to you, it may be worthwhile.
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