Quicken Bill Manager Vs Manual Bill Reminder and Linking them together

I have recently started using Bill Pay Manager and have been a Quicken user for 20+ Years. I am currently using the Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property (Latest Version). I am not sure I understand properly what has been the vision of linking a manual reminder with an Online Bill or if I am using it wrong.
The following is my scenario/Use Case.
1. Prior to my starting to use Bill Pay Manager, I had created several manual reminders set up on my Primary checking account. These reminders included Incomes as well as estimated expenses. E.g. My Monthly pay, approximate payments for my 3 Credit cards, Payment for my Gas and Electric, Water Bill etc. E.G. If my Electric Bill is usually around $200/month I would have set that as a manual reminder. Similarly if my average credit card bill 1 is usually around $1200/month I would have a manual reminder of $1,200 for it. As a result of these manual reminders, I was able to track and forecast my Cash flaw very closely. It worked well and was very happy with it. In this process when the actual bill came in, I would use the Manual reminder to enter the transaction. E.G. If my credit card bill 1 came in actually at 1352 I would enter that in in my Quicken register using the Reminder as well as make an online payment at the credit card's website (Two step process - Making an entry in quicken and paying the bill online).
2. In order to eliminate the two step process, I decided to use the New Online Bill Pay Manager. I set up online bills for my Electric, Credit Cards, Water, Insurance etc. I have been happy with this service also as I have been able to eliminate one step. That is paying using the QuickPay option eliminates one step i.e. I no longer have to go to biller site and pay the bill. Quicken Bill Pay Manager takes care of it.
3. However I quickly realized that I could not actually get rid of my manual bill. Getting rid of it was messing my cash flow. E.G. Let's say in previous way I had a Manual reminder for CC Bill1 for 1200 which I paid every month on the last day of the Month. Now when I entered the CC1 bill after getting the actual bill on the 20th, my cash flow would show the actual bill amount paid from 20th (The date the payment was entered after receiving the bill) until the payment date of the last day of the month. Then from the 1st of Next Month the manual reminder for the next month would show $1,200 as payment (Average amount) towards CC1 going out on the 31st. As a result of it after moving to Bill Pay manager I could not actually get rid of Manual Bill as that would not reflect the correct cash flow between the time the bill was paid and new bill generated.
3. Then I saw an option in online Bills where it allows us to "Link To Reminder". I thought that feature would solve my problem. However by linking it, I have realized all that it does is to hide the Manual bill. At Least that is what I have been able to figure out.

So I am looking for recommendation from someone who understands my issue and if I am doing something wrong.
My goal is to be able to project the correct cash flow at any point of time even between the time when the CC bill is paid and next Online bill generated without having to maintain a separate manual reminder and Online Bill Pay. How can I achieve that?

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  • jparmar
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    @jfaris for your update and sharing the link. That is what I have been doing that is have a bill reminder. When the online bill comes in, I pay the bill and then click Ignore on the reminder.
    Hopefully Quicken will understand it as an issue and resolve it.