Citizens Bank direct connection payments stuck at send; procedure for getting them to sent

Tools -> Online Center. Select the "Financial institution" in the dropdown. While holding control and shift keys, click Contact Info. In the opened "Refresh Online Transaction Information" windows, select the account with the stuck send transactions in the account dropdown. Then check all the refresh options. To select the box next to "Reset DTSTART", click that button and in the "Reset DTSTART" window, select the calendar icon for the change text box. Select Today, then click OK to return to the "Refresh Online Transaction Information" windows. Also select the "Download FI list" checkbox. Click Refresh to return to the Online Center window. Next, click Update/Send which opens One Step Update Settings for just that account or Financial Institution, uncheck any payments showing and only leave "Download latest cleared transactions and balances" and "Bring my payment information up to date" checked. Enter your password and click update now. The resulting update should bring your send payments to a "new transaction" downloaded state and/or may convert them to a sent state. If the update created new transactions, you delete the duplicate transactions in a send state which match the downloaded payment transactions.

Before doing this, you should backup and validate your current file in case of problems. My Quicken got into this state when a payment to send was before the date that the FI could process it and Quicken got confused. If you try to repeat your send after fixing the date, you may/should get OL-301-A with additional information saying duplicate payment requests attempted on same date for same amount messages. Your problem may be different. This is my transcription of working with an agent to resolve this.

Regards, Ira