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Delete securities

Hello - My silly payroll provider Paychex also manages our 401k. The only way I can get data into Quicken is for me to export a .qif file from Paychex and import it into Quicken. Ok so far. The trouble is I can only go back to 1/1/2019 thru present when I export the data. The total data files goes back many years before that.

What I'm trying to do (per tech support) is to go ahead and import the .qif file and then delete the securities that I don't own now. Essentially, get an accurate current picture and then when I add on newer transactions, everything should be in sync. I don't care about old transactions. I'm just doing this to get an investment portfolio view.

Here is the problem. Through the Help tool, I learned how to go into Investing/Tools/Security List. From there I click on the security I want to delete. From there I click on Report. This then opens up a Security Report. I then double click on the line entry and this opens up a transaction report. I then right click to delete that specific transaction and then go back to the Security Report and click on the next item.

My trouble is I have HUNDREDS of transactions just for this single security. I have to delete 30+ securities. This might take me thousands of key strokes and lord knows how many hours. Per Help, I have to first delete all of the transactions before I can delete the security.
Is there some better way that I can delete all of the transactions at once rather than this incredibly time and stroke intensive method? -Thank you

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