Paycheck doesn't show up in budget

I'm using QW Deluxe 28.10. In July I had a problem recently where a paycheck was auto-entered in the register (per my setting in Bill & Income Reminders). When we got the actual stub I tried to go into the splits and adjust the taxes, but no matter how I opened the splits (Ctrl-S or using the button) it would show zeros for all split categories for that check.

If I hovered over the category, where it says --Paycheck-- it would show me the splits correctly! I opened a support ticket and ultimately had to delete the transaction and then copy/paste another one and change the date.

Now I'm trying to do my budget for July and the paychecks category is off because apparently it doesn't see this copied paycheck as a 'real' paycheck. Is there any way to fix this?


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    I've been using quicken for (many!) years with no problems to manage my paychecks / bills etc.
    Now using Quicken Premier 2020 (R27.28 Build
    Recent a change occurred that prevents the handling for paychecks.

    When I go to enter my paycheck into the register via "Edit current Paycheck and Enter into register." all of the categories (Tax / deductions etc.) are missing. I get a blank page with:
    * Company Name
    * Memo
    * Date
    * Account

    At the top of the page and nothing else on the screen.

    When I try to go in an create a new paycheck I have similar behavior.

    1. Planning --> Tax Center --> Add Paycheck
    2. Select "Gross Amount" under 'How Much Paycheck do you want to track" and click Next.
    3. :( Complete 'Company Name" under "Tell me about this paycheck" and click Next

    In the "Track Paycheck" dialog box I've got the reminder interval setting but there is no place to break down the paycheck into it's components.

    I can simply change the Reminder Frequency and select Done. No place to enter any of the financial information.

    I've been using Quick for decades without this problem.
    It seems that this is broken in one of the recent updates.

    How can we get this fixed?
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    I've got this fixed now after contacting Tech Support. I needed to download and install the patch at:
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    This patch also fixed another problem I was having with reconciling Downloaded transactions - Downloads flagged in the account view but couldn't see them in the Register view!
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