Way to turn off "Use posted date for matched transactions" for specific accounts?

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A recent update added a feature "Use posted date for matched transactions (instead of date you enter manually)." I like this feature except in cases where I keep a separate paper register (eg. checking accounts). In those cases, having the date change when I upload transactions from my bank makes it difficult for me to figure out which transactions I have entered and which I have not.


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    From the menu bar;
    Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services

    Under Downloaded Transactions is the option to use Posted Date .
    Clear the check box to turn off.

    This is not a new feature - it's been around for some time.
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    Weird that it's been around for a while; I have never set it and yet all of a sudden Quicken started doing it without me ever making a decision. And when you say "a while," how long do you mean? I've been using Quicken since 2007.

    But the issue I'm raising is that the feature is *global*. It either works for all uploads, or it works for no uploads. I'm asking if it can be turned on for some accounts and turned off for others. The specific example I gave was a checking account where in addition to using the electronic register provided within Quicken but I also use a *paper* register that I update periodically. If after the upload, all or most of the dates in the electronic register change, the items appear in different order thus creating a situation where an item that originally appeared in the paper and electronic version as having happened, say, on July 4, now appears in the paper register as having happened on July 4 but in the Quicken electronic register as having happened on July 10 (the day that the check actually posted and cleared). This creates a discrepancy between the paper and the electronic registers and makes it difficult to know which items are accounted for in the paper register and which are not.
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