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I've just upgraded from a much older version of quicken . My bank is not supported by Quicken so I have to download the transactions then import them to Quicken. The only Quicken file type offered by the bank is QIF. When I imported this into the old version it showed the transaction date, but now the only date shown is the download date. How can I can get Quicken to show the transaction date? I've also read that QIF files are no longer supported. What type of file would I need?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @MPilott,

    The preferred file for Quicken data import is QFX.


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  • UKR
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    What's the name and address of this bank?
    The bank must have a valid contract with Quicken for transaction download (QFX) / import (QIF) services to function in the current Quicken version.
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    I didn’t think there was any restriction (contract) applicable to QIF downloads and imports. QIF files have never been supported to my knowledge. There is no agreed upon documentation about the syntax. But they have always been allowed. 

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