Quicken and One Step Update hang when I attempt to open QW during a background update

I'm running QW R27.42 ( on WIN10 2004 (19041.388).

My OSU is scheduled to run at 9PM nightly for 16 accounts and often can't run when the computer goes to sleep prior to 9PM, so it starts upon the computer waking to activity up the next morning. Occasionally, my first activity in the morning is opening Quicken. If I attempt to open Quicken while Quicken is updating in the background, I receive the message "A scheduled update in running..........." which I acknowledge and wait for it to complete the background update. That is expected and has always worked that way. The problem however (with this build and at least the previous build), is that after waiting for the background update to finish, I receive the One Step Update Summary from the background update in the foreground on my desktop. This had not been the case previous to this issue. My next step is to acknowledge that Summary by clicking the "close" button and from that point forward, Bagent and QW are hung in the background with no activity (viewed from Task Manager). The Bagent icon in the lower right of the taskbar indicates the double arrows as if its updating. My only path forward at that point is to terminate QW and Bagent via Task Manager and then open Quicken and "Schedule Updates" to restart Bagent.

I suspect others would have already found this if it was pervasive and it would have been fixed in this newest build, so is this a situation where a reinstall after cleaning might resolve it?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hello @SB

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. That is quite odd how it's still remaining open after you've already completed the process. You've been having it for a bit here with the last two patches. I believe first thing we'll want to try is some troubleshooting steps from one of our articles so we're able to narrow things down. 

    The support article here has some troubleshooting steps for us to try to see if we're able to clean up the programs running after use. The article can be found here. The step we're going to try is going to be step four as well. Once you've also done the validate you'll get a log going over anything the program corrected. Could you post that as well and we'll see if anything of interest pops up.

    Once you get a chance let us know how it goes! 


    Quicken Francisco

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    I have performed the Copy and Validate and recreated the issue on the copied/validated file by setting the schedule update time to the top of the next hour. There is no change in behavior of the issue I am having. I will note that once I attempt to open Quicken while the background scheduled update is running, I receive numerous dialog boxes from the update in the foreground as it progresses through accounts, culminating with the update summary in the foreground and the hung QW.exe.

    I've also put a video of the issue you can view at -


    Validate Results.

    [Sat Aug 08 17:13:49 2020]

    File: "G:\Quicken\SBCpy"

    Validating your data.
    No errors.

    No read errors.

    All internal consistency checks passed.

    [Sat Aug 08 17:14:38 2020]
    Quicken has found 1 stock split(s) for account "Fidelity Brokerage", security "Nike Class B", on 4/3/2007 that might be missing.
    ESOG Transactions

    Validate has detected that you have Exercise, Bought, or Sold transactions in the account SB's Stock Options without a related Employee Stock Option Grant (ESOG). If you are interested in tracking the vesting schedule of your ESOG, you will need to recreate the grant in SB's Stock Options.

    Repair price history: 0 price(s) repaired.
    [Sat Aug 08 17:15:07 2020]

    [Sat Aug 08 17:15:24 2020]
    Rebuilt investing lots.
    Analyzing securities.

    Number of old style Buy/Cash investment transactions updated: 173/0
    No out-of-range security references found.

    Validation has completed.
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    Thanks for the video it helps me understand quite a bit more on what's going on. I'm going to try this as well to see what results I get but I also have another idea to see if we're able to get it to open up. 

    Next thing I would like to try would be a qcleanui uninstall. This process  goes through reinstalling quicken so I'd recommend saving a backup beforehand. 

    To save a backup if you're unsure you can follow the article down below.

    Once we've got our backup next we'll start with the Qcleanui process. You'll see the instructions under the subscription release of quicken.

    Lastly once we're done with the qlean we'll want to reinstall and you'll be able to do so by following this link.

    The qclean doesn't take too much time to do you'll just want to see if we're still having the issue afterwards. Once you get the chance give us an update!

    Quicken Francisco
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    I have completed the uninstall, followed by a QcleanUI with a "Clean all" and a reinstall of Quicken. The changes had no affect and the issues remains as it was prior to the Qclean process.


  • Hello @SB,

    Thank you for attempting the steps and posting back, although I apologize that the problem persists.

    At this time, I suggest contacting Support directly for more advanced assistance.


    Support has the ability to engage in a screen sharing session with you, and can best work with you towards identifying a solution.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

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