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One Step Update Error OL-393-A

Running Windows 10 Quicken: Year:2020 Version: R27.42 Build: Since the last automatic update to the Quicken software, I am now getting an error after performing One Step Updates for one of my Chase Checking Accounts. Quicken comes back with the OL-393-A error, unable to update your account. I then have an option and Quicken prompts me for a password to that account. I enter it, then says successful. Also, since this software update, Quicken does not show last download information for any of the Chase Banking Accounts. It used to appear in each register at the top. No longer showing. I haven't changed anything with the bank. All accounts are active. No passwords were changed. I believe there is a glitch with this new build of Quicken. Please look into this problem and get back to me. Thanks so much! Marty

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