Quicken Community is moving to Single Sign On! Starting 1/22/21, you'll sign in to the community with your Quicken ID. For more information: http://bit.ly/CommunitySSO

Please modify community logon page

Feedback/ suggestion:

1. I feel the community logon page could say "User IDs and passwords for community.quicken.com are different from your User ID/ password for your Quicken.com (product purchase and personal data) account. If it's your first time logging into the community, you will need to create a new community account."

2. Also tell new users in 1 place how many different types of user ID/ passwords they may need: data, vault, community. (others too?)

3. Quicken needs to anticipate basic things like the above, across its products and webpages, to save new customers time. Else new customers will shy away. It's a minor thing, but it's a sign.

Thanks so much for considering.


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