Quicken Windows main screen would not show up

I hope this helps someone out there.

Quicken for Windows build
R27.42 version
year 2020

I had hooked up multiple monitors and had moved Quicken to the 3rd display.
When I was working on the laptop Friday night, I had no monitors connected, but the main laptop display. Quicken would start up but I would not see the main screen. It would only prompt me for the password screen. When I typed the password, quicken would be running, but nothing would show. My only solution was to close through task manager.

When I hooked up multiple monitors, quicken started working fine.
I think there is a bug with Quicken using display libraries. For some reason even though there was not a 3rd monitor, it was trying to display on the 3rd monitor.
So I just moved it back to the laptop display and closed it. So it will remember to start on the main display.

This is really weird, I don't think I experienced anything like this with any other application.
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