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We have our full time home in Michigan with Quicken on our home computer. We also have a winter home in Oklahoma. Is there any way we can access our quicken account on our Oklahoma computer so we can keep up with our banking each month instead of having to catch up 5 months worth of statement when we return to Michigan in the spring? Do we have to by another Quicken system and somehow tie the 2 together?


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    You can install Quicken on both systems, only one subscription is required. When you are ready to move from one location to the other, make a backup of your active data file. You can save it on a thumb drive. 

    When you arrive at the other location, restore the backup there and you can pick up where you left off. 

    Reverse the process when you move back.

    The key is to store your active file on the computer where you are using it and only use one computer at a time.

    Or you can install Quicken on a laptop and move the whole computer.
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    I like Jim's first solution. One other alternative, just to mention it, would be to use remote access software to log into your main home computer when you are in the vacation home. But that would require leaving the main computer running all the time and if it crashes, you may be high and dry.
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