Bills & Income Tab displaying incorrectly

The Bills & Income Tab has decided that on startup it will display the TOP section of the upcoming bills/income about a month in advance - always on a specific reminder (FPL) or maybe tied to a date. The bottom section appears to be normal with those due soon on the left-hand side. I’m not able to find a setting that might control this function. I’ve deleted the specific reminder that is always shown at startup but the next reminder a month ahead is displayed. Once I’ve re-added the original reminder (FPL), it always displays that reminder first.

I’ve run validation on the file with a few cleanups (year 1900 entry's) but no errors.

Additionally, the whole Bills & Income Tab appears to have a display problem. When I move the mouse over anything on the page, it disappears or large sections become blurred. It only affects this particular TAB. I can clear it by selection any register or TAB and then returning. I don’t have this problem with any other program so suspect its tied to quicken.

The Accept button issue continues.

Would appreciate your thoughts and comments. Gm.

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    My current Quicken software info is: YR 2020, Ver 28.10, Build I downloaded a new copy of the software from my account. I de-installed the old version, deleted the folder remnants in program files/X86 directories, restarted the computer and then installed the new copy. The new copy has the same Yr/Ver/Build info as is listed above.

    Upon starting the Quicken software and checking a few accounts, things looked normal. Once I went to the Bills&Income TAB, the top portion of the area was showing a bill in the future (Sept) vice today's bills. Also, when I moved the mouse over the display selections (stack/calendar, 7 day, etc.) they whited out and are not viewable. I can still click on them and get the pull downs but I can't see them any longer.

    I'll work thru some of the other info/steps in the Support Article later today.

    Thanks for the help. gm.
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