Can't login today with Quicken ID

Today I am being asked to "Enter Quicken ID Password". I enter the correct password , but then I only get a blue circle that keeps going around in circles. I was able to change the password, but the same thing keeps happening. I have used Quicken for Windows for years, so now how do I logon and access all my data?


  • Quicken Julio
    Quicken Julio Administrator, Employee, Windows Beta, Mac Beta, Canada Beta mod
    Hi @Rodin,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    I would like to gather some more information to better assist you:

    Have there been any updates to Quicken recently?

    Do you receive any type of error message when the blue circle stops spinning? Or do you receive a message that Quicken is not responding?

    Do you have to End the Task in your Task Manager for the blue circle to stop spinning?

    Have you tried restarting your computer and attempt to log in?

    Responding with this additional information will give us better insight with the issue and the next steps to take. Look forward to hearing from you.
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