Indicate bill pay method

I'd like to suggest adding an indication of how each bill is paid - e.g., "autopay", "phone", "check", "mail", etc.

More broadly speaking, I'd like to indicate whether the bill is paid "manually" or "automatically".

In other words, I'd like to glance at the bill list, and see which bills I need to actively do something (write the check, go to the website for a one-off bill, make a call, etc) or just passively wait for it to charge (autopay).

Note that this is different than the current options to mark as paid automatically or manually. Even though most of my bills are autopay, I still like to manually "mark as paid" once they actually are charged, rather than have them "marked as paid automatically". In any case, this option does not indicate future bill pay methods, and active or passive on my part.

Thanks for considering!

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