Add filter for "All Hidden" and "All Separate" on Spending and Income views for these "headers"

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Using the latest version of Quicken for Mac, I've reclassified several of my accounts as either Separate or Hidden accounts, and they show up as children to the main headers "Separate Accounts" and "Hidden Accounts" in the left-hand column of accounts.

If I click on the Separate Accounts "header" (the parent to the two actual accounts I'd like to have separate from the main accounts), I get an info window with three possible views as well as filtering ability. If I click on the Transactions view, I get what I expect--a list of transactions for all Separate Accounts subject to the filters I choose.

However, if I click on Spending or Income views, I get views of the spending or income information for all of my non-separate accounts (and these can be selected or filtered). This is not my expected behavior. In fact, I can't even select the separate accounts (individually or as a group) in the filter pull-downs and so cannot see spending or income information for those accounts. I would expect to at least be able to select these accounts and at most, only have those accounts available to view. The behavior is the same for Hidden Accounts.
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  • Hello @bmtndog,

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the Community, although I apologize that this behavior is currently unavailable in the Quicken for Mac product.

    I have gone ahead and turned this Discussion into an Idea post so that other users are able to vote on it.

    Please be sure to add your vote by clicking on the gray triangle right above the current vote count, located in the blue box at the beginning of this thread:

    Our developer's review Idea posts to get an idea of what people would like Quicken to offer.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

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