How to know if I used Bill Manager vs Bill Pay

I am a long-time Quicken and Bill Pay user, and this change to the new Bill Manager is throwing me for a loop. I saw in a different post, if I click in the on the word "Status" for a payment I made and the pop-up box shows "For further information, contact Quicken Bill Pay - New" that I used the current Bill Pay service and not the new Bill Manager service.

I always used the Bill and Income Reminders screen to enter payments and used the Method/Check pulldown box to select "Send Online Payment". With the new Bill Manager system it seems I need to go to the BILLS & INCOME tab. I reluctantly selected 2 credit card billers and linked them to Quicken by signing in with my credentials, and I thought I had a payment sent through the Bill Manager system, and after verifying the money had processed by the bank I opened Quicken, ran the One Step Update, then went to the register and the pop-up box when I clicked "Status" for the payment is showing "Quicken Bill Pay - New".
Also, if I click on the gear icon and select Payment Accounts the pop-up box shows 0 for the line "Payment used this month" for both the Quick Pay column and the Check Pay column.

I'm getting nervous that I still do not have things working correctly as the end of August is approaching. Are there other things that I should be looking for to verify that I will be using the new Bill Manager system going forward, or will I only see this when I have a payment that is to be made in September?

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    Hello @K-horn,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    There are 2 ways that you can make payments using Quicken Bill Manager's Quick Pay and Check Pay payments. One way is from the Bills and Income tab. For Quick Pay, you would need to have online bills setup, which will then show a Quick Pay button that you can click on. With manual reminders (not linked online to billers) it will show a Check Pay button. Here is a support article that explains the process of making payments using Quick Pay and Check Pay. The article also includes illustrations as well as useful tutorial videos that you can watch.

    The other way would be to make the payment directly from the register. When clicking on the Check # field, you will receive a dropdown menu that gives you a list of options. One of those options will say Pay (Quick Pay/Check Pay).

    Since you are referring to a future payment for September, I'd also like to include this support article that contains instructions as well as illustrations on how to schedule future dated payments from both the Bills and Income  tab as well as directly from the register.

    I hope this helps clarify things more on how to utilize the new Quicken Bill Manager service. Though feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Thank you for the links.
    Many of the payments I have done through the Bill Pay service in the past I do not have a login for the account because I receive paper bills in the mail. It seems as though the new Bill Manager system does not have a way to send these payments without logging into my account (which I do not have set up) even though the payments have been done electronically with the previous Bill Pay service (not paper check sent) - is this correct?
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    OK, thanks @jswafa , that feels invasive!
    They were able to send the payments electronically without logging into my accounts before so it seems I need to figure out if accessing my account and statement through this new Bill Manager system is something I want to set up or not.

    I like the ability to download my credit card transactions and understand they need my login info for that, but I'm not sure Quicken's third-party service needs access to all my stuff.

    I may just send regular paper checks and stamps while I'm looking at my options to make sure things are paid properly. I have 2 credit cards set up at the moment so I'll see if I encounter any problems with that first - I haven't been reading about the problems others have been having yet.

    I hope thru the process of looking at my options I don't find an option I prefer to use over Quicken :-)
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