USAA Two Factor Authentication Issue: Use member ID and Pin rather than USER ID and Password

Quicken Bill Manager and Quick Pay seems to work as advertised EXCEPT with those billers requiring two-factor authentication, i.e. sending a text or email with a one-time code or Symantec Vip Access. On August 13 I contacted tech support and was very pleased with the assistance provided with Allan. After almost 2 hours using remote access to my system, we were able set up AMEX, CITI, and PenFed as billers. HOWEVER he was unable to set up USAA because USAA allows only 2 factor authentication login and the Quicken Bill Manager is unable to deal with the resultant variable password. He escalated the issue to Quicken developers. In terms of USAA, my suggestion for biller setup would be for Quicken to replace the USER ID and Password requirement with the USAA Member Number and PIN. This strategy has worked flawlessly for years when setting up a USAA account for Direct Connect. Give it a try Quicken!
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  • ddenucci
    ddenucci Member ✭✭
    Quicken BillPay became nonfunctional after the last update to version R28.28 build Billers that were previously functional with BillPay are no longer active or have been deleted. Please provide a patch to fix these issues.
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