Edit transaction(s) brings up Find/Replace dialog

Trying to edit a transaction in one of my banking accounts:

Right-click on the transaction and a menu comes up - click on Edit transaction(s) and the find/replace dialog comes up. There's no way to edit the transaction.

If I try the same thing in an investment account, I get a different menu that has "Edit". Click on that and I get the Edit dialog as I should.

Did something change? Running Quicken Premier R27.42


  • Rich_M
    Rich_M SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Investment registers work differently than banking registers.  In an Investment register edit brings up a dialog where you can modify the various fields of a transaction.

    To edit a banking transaction, simply click the transaction and tab to all the fields you wish to modify and make your change.

    Choosing Edit Transaction in a banking register brings up the Find and Replace dialog, this is the way it has always worked. 
    Quicken 2017 Premier - Windows 10 Pro
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