Very frustrated; several billers not loading payments due

I admit I'm extremely frustrated with this forced transition from Bill Pay to Bill Manager. It seems not ready for prime time (and doesn't have the recurring payment options that Bill Pay did, so it already is going to be a PITA). But, I'm trying to make it work and am entering my payees as required. However, 2-3 (despite being due in a few days and authorized) still say waiting for next bill. And, others, although I have kept "refreshing" and reentering the valid login information, don't have Quick Pay options at all. How am I even supposed to use Bill Manager if it simply doesn't work?


  • In2Caps
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    Specifically USAA isn't connecting. Xfinity isn't connecting. My mortgage company (Shellpoint) isn't connecting. A couple ARE connecting, so I know it isn't because of the way I set them up.
  • Sherlock
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    If you want to continue schedule online payments from within Quicken using online payees like you did with Quicken Bill Pay, I suggest you consider using one of the more than 500 financial institutions that support online bill payment using the Direct Connect connection method. 

    Otherwise, I suggest you consider most online billers may be set to automatically charge a credit card or withdraw from a checking account and most financial institution provide free bill pay services.  
  • In2Caps
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    Thank you. I appreciate the suggestions. It would be easier for me to use Bill Manager (for reasons I won't get into here), but if Quicken can't do better than they have so far on it, other options are going to be necessary.
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