In the Stack View for Bills & Income, the furthest out Bill rather than the next Bill is featured on the screen. Only recently has this problem occurred. Do I have control over this or did this occur on a recent Quicken release?


  • GeoffG
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    I've noticed the same thing. Unfortunately, you have no control over this. Hopefully the developers will correct this in future release.
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  • rerving
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    I have the same problem. I have called quicken support three times. No luck. lets hope they are working on the problem
  • Scooterlam
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    I see the same behavior, illustrated below.   Help>Report a problem, in app,  referencing this thread, is another channel to get Quicken's attention.

  • UKR
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    A simple click on one of the cards in the lower half of the screen will immediately display the Stack in the upper half, positioned correctly to the selected transaction.
    I have no idea why the view opens to the right-most, most future dated transaction instead of a "today's view". You'd have to get the programmer who made this change to fess up.
  • irunalot
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    Same issue. My stack view does not show the next bill due in the center upon entering Quicken. If I click left, the view is corrected. It changes again once I backup or exit and re-enter Quicken. This is a new phenomenon since two updates ago. I have not found any way to make the stack view show the next bill in line to be paid instead of a random bill that is due one month from now. Frustrating, considering how many updates we've had lately. I've used Quicken over 20 years and unfortunately, it keeps getting worse since they went subscription based.
  • Mark Sievertson
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    Same here. I agree, I've used Quicken for 15+ years.[Removed-Speculation] Chat button doesn't work, support has not helped me very much either.
  • UKR
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    ... Chat button doesn't work, support has not helped me very much either.

    Your browser must allow popups from for chat to function

  • irunalot
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    edited September 2020
    And the most frustrating part.... no acknowledgement from Quicken. Where are they? At the very least, I would feel better if someone on the "inside" said, "yeah, we see the issue and we're working on it." Instead, we get the silent treatment. [Removed-Off Topic]
  • Frankx
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    Kenneth Johnson  @GeoffG @rerving @irunalot @Mark Sievertson

    I have started an "Idea" post to change the behavior back to the way it was - that is to display the "next bill" on the top of the stack .  You can vote up the idea here LINK.



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  • irunalot
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    Good suggestion! Thank you.
  • irunalot
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    Possible Solution that worked for me. This is a rather drastic solution but it worked. I will post here and in the "idea" link here:

    I installed a new SSD drive in my PC. Of course, I had to reinstall all my apps, including Quicken. Upon reinstall, the stack view was repaired. Please note this SSD is the main storage device that contains the operating system (Windows 10). Best of luck to all.

    PS... the stack view was not repaired by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Quicken. A fresh drive is what did the trick for me.
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