Match Transactions: Allow user-specified difference of a few cents

Scott Rose
Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
This is a feature request to enhance Quicken Mac's automatic "transaction matching" feature. This would really save me a ton of time on a daily basis.

I'm specifically referring to the feature where Quicken Mac automatically matches downloaded transactions to manually-entered transactions.

The problem is that if you travel internationally like I do, you have to “match transactions” all the time because of fluctuating currency exchange rates on a daily basis. 

For example, I might manually enter in an international transaction as $10.03 USD, but when the transaction gets downloaded from my bank, the transaction actually finalized at $9.98 USD. 

This is because of fluctuating currency exchange rates. The transaction was originally $10.03 USD when I made the transaction, but by the time it reached my bank, the transaction was only $9.98 USD. So my manually-entered transaction is 5 cents off from the bank's transaction.

And rightfully so, Quicken Mac doesn't recognize these 2 transactions as the exact same transaction. Very smart of Quicken to not recognize these 2 transactions as the same transaction — because the dollar amount was different!

However, because of this, I have to continually match transactions on a daily basis whenever I’m doing international travel. 

In other words, my manually-entered transactions are ALWAYS off by a few cents from the finalized transaction which was downloaded from the bank.

So "matching transactions" is a part of my everyday life in Quicken Mac. There's not a single day that goes by that I don't have to "match transactions".

What would be really amazing — and a huge time-saver for me — would be if Quicken Mac's automatic match feature gave us a **PREFERENCE** that we could set where we could tell Quicken Mac to go ahead and match transactions that are "within a certain fluctuation range" of a few cents.

In other words, we could tell Quicken Mac to "go ahead and automatically match transactions if the transactions are less than 10 cents off".

This would be an amazing time-saver and a huge game-changer for me!

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