Failure to Open in Windows 365

About 2 of 3 times when trying to open Quicken I get the Quicken logo, then a gray screen and no further progress until I use Crtl Alt Del to close. I have the most recent Quicken update, no other problems with computer or programs. Usually if I totally shut down the computer and restart I can get Quicken to load if it is the first program after restart. Once up, the program seems to operate normally. What's the issue with Quicken? This has been going on for several months.


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    Since you appear to be the only person reporting this particular problem, I suspect something about your PC's configuration is causing it. Tell us everything. Quicken version, Windows version, full path to your data file, what anti-malware software you are running, etc. ("Microsoft 365" is only a new name for Microsoft Office and has nothing to do with Quicken.)
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