CheckMagic Formatting Not Working since 8/17/2020 Revisions

Everything prints fine through the amount in $ and text, but then the memo line, signature, MICR Code and all the text on the left tab are all shifted down by 8 mm. The result is the MICR code is below the bottom of the check -- and useless. Seems some extra LF's are being inserted. HELP.


  • splasher
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    You need to complain to "CheckMagic".  Quicken does not print the MICR code, so it is not a Quicken issue.
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  • JBDubhe
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    I have asked CheckMagic for comment; I have not heard back yet. The issue arose after a recent Quicken update. CheckMagic has not been updated in the past 2 years and had been working perfectly until recently.

    Background: Quicken output goes to a generic text printer that saves a file which CheckMagic subsequently reads and adds a bank logo, account owners name, address, signature (if you so choose) and the MICR code. I have found an old Quicken output file and, on the surface, the layout of the text does not appear to be different from that of the current output file which is formatting incorrectly. So, it is not immediately apparent from whence the problem arises.
  • JBDubhe
    JBDubhe Member ✭✭
    CheckMagic was very responsive (after I found their first response in my spam folder), but after reviewing the files I subsequently sent them, they didn't see any reason for the improper formatting and suggested I go through the alignment process again. That didn't help. I don't know what caused the glitch in the first place, but I was able to restore proper formatting by upgrading the firmware and drivers for the printer.
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