Discover$25 charges not downloading

All charges that equal $25.00 are not downloading for the past few months and I have to manually enter them.


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    Is there something unusual or unique about these charges?  I don't see a similar issue with Discover Card downloads.
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    khahn said:
    All charges that equal $25.00 are not downloading for the past few months and I have to manually enter them.

    Which Quicken "flavor" are you looking at to find these downloaded transactions? Quicken for Windows, Quicken for Mac, the Quicken Web browser companion app or Quicken Mobile on the smartphone?
    I would start with the Quicken data on your desktop/laptop computer (Windows or Mac) to hunt down those missing transactions. Whatever appears in the web or phone apps depends on the data in Quicken Windows/Mac.
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    I am using Quicken for Windows on laptop. It isn't there at all as it doesn't reconcile to Discover. So not a matter of "finding" it but rather why doesn't it download with the other transactions? Thanks!
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    Yes there is something unique as they are all from gasoline purchases but they are from different locations and various companies.
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    In your Discover account, click the Gear icon on the far right, across from the account name, click Register columns and check "Downloaded ID".
    This will display the Transaction ID for any transactions that have been downloaded. Find the last $25 transaction that has one.
    Then, do HELP, Log Files, OFX Log.   Save that to your desktop and open it with WordPad or NotePad (NOT MS Word).
    Search that entire file for the TransID that you previously found.  Do any show up?  How many.
    My suspicion here is that Discover is duplicating the TransID and since that's what Q uses to find duplicate transactions ... then all of these $25s are being rejected as duplicates.
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