Citibank CC-502 returns

We haven't had this error for a month or two, but this morning the Citibank CC-502 returned. (sigh)

What will it take to fix this once and for all?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    You might be familiar with this FAQ
    but it does bring up the point that the most likely cause is something going on at CitiBank's end. 
    I do find that frequently there's a "local" aspect to these errors since this hasn't been raised in "Alerts & Known Product Issues" and I updated all my CitiBank Accounts just fine this morning.

  • tired techie
    tired techie Member ✭✭

    Thanks for your response. This may very well be an isolated incident or an intermittent problem. However, the CC-502 error is usually not because of something on Citibank's side. Most often it is the connection mechanism that Quicken uses. There have been comments that Quicken may still be using hardware and software at Intuit to communicate with Citibank. Quicken has never been transparent about the cause and eventual fix of the CC-502 outage.

    Regardless, I just wanted people to know that after the long CC-502 outage a month or two ago, that the problem materialized for me again this morning.
  • JayF
    JayF Member ✭✭
    I've been getting CC 502 on Citibank Credit Cards since 08/28/2020 - To see whether deactivating and reactivating would work, I created a brand new Quicken File (test.qdf). I added my two citicard credit card accounts to that QDF and my transactions did download. I then opened my "real" .qdf and deactivated both cards, and then reactivated one of them. It prompted me for my Citicards credentials. It then prompted me to add/link/ignore both cards. I linked them to the proper accounts in my .qdf and transactions from both cards downloaded. It seems like, in this current circumstance, deactivating and reactivating is the solution. May have been a side effect of Quicken being down for system maintenance on Wednesday, but no way to be sure. As others have noted, resetting the account is NOT the way to go. Resetting gets stuck in a loop. Deactivating and reactivating is what worked for me.
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