Transaction Not Synced Errors

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  • lkfriman
    lkfriman Member ✭✭
    OK just going to ask my question. Been using Quicken forever and have been syncing to the web with no problem. All of a sudden cannot sync to the web. Just tries to sync forever and then get list of transactions not synced - which is all of them. Also, the sync to quicken cloud option is no longer present as an option in the one step update settings???
  • Prachtsj
    Prachtsj Member
    I have the same problem. I click on the error log after doing a sync and there are dozens of errors where transactions were not synced. Tried resetting the data, validate and super validate.

    It always occurs after a reset (when I don't get the errors). After I click the one step update, it shows the message showing it is syncing to the new quicken servers. Crunch..

    Been using Quicken since it was DOS format..just fyi and these errors occurred after the last update.. hmmm
  • Prachtsj
    Prachtsj Member
    Hello again. Below is a screen shot of the errors..
  • sondra99999
    sondra99999 Member ✭✭
    edited December 2020
    I have same issue. It’s been going on forever. [removed - speculation/rant]
  • Rubi
    Rubi Member
    Ditto same issue here, mobile app will not update. I've deleted all data, reinstalled, etc. everything that has been suggested and nothing. I've used Quicken since it was DOS based also with no problems...……..until this last update. No solutions for a fix that I have found so far. Very disappointing......Good Luck everyone. Hopefully, we'll find answers soon.
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